Janine Bird

My name is Janine and this year I am teaching both Green and Yellow Group at Emmanuel Anglican Kindergarten.

My connection with Emmanuel Anglican Kindergarten began when my own children attended the kindergarten over a period of 5 years. The warmth, joy and love of learning that each of my own children experienced while at kinder, created a wonderful memory for each of them. Now, as part of this teaching team, I am able to provide an environment that stimulates creativity, wonder, thinking, independence and a love of learning.

I have been in this wonderful profession for 25 years, and have taught in a variety of different early childhood settings. I began in community based kindergartens teaching four year old groups, and undertook the role of director for many years. I then had an opportunity to work in a private school setting, in their Early Learning Centre, teaching the Three Year Old program.

We love Janine’s innovative program ideas. She is down-to-earth, fun and spontaneous!

I believe that every child is creative, that every child is full of potential, that every child is exposed to rich life experiences and comes to us with so much prior knowledge that we can draw on. I believe that every child deserves to use real, quality materials to express their ideas, and that every child has a voice and deserves to be listened to and heard.

It was here that a particular interest in the concept that the kindergarten environment is “The Third Teacher evolved for me. One of my passions is creating unique and aesthetically pleasing play spaces for our children. This includes experiences that provoke thinking, questioning and hypothesising in young children. This also includes documentation of children’s work and using quality real materials while we work. I also love including the dramatic and performing arts into our kinder day ( just ask Green Group who have been listening to my opera singing each morning)!

I live locally with my husband and three children. Daisy is 10, Ruby is 8 and Jack is 6 so you will often see us out and about in Oakleigh, either shopping, eating or playing at the local park.