Mayu Harada

Hello everyone. I’m  Mayu. I would like to talk about myself…
I’m Japanese. I came to Australia in 2001 when I was 20.
It’s my 6th year working at Emmanuel Kinder, this year I am assisting in Red Group.

I’ve known Emmanuel staff as my daughter’s teachers. They haven’t changed…always nice people.

We love Mayu’s dedication. She is gentle and caring with the children and generous in sharing her Japanese culture with us.

I work Saturday so Sunday is my only weekend. On Sunday I want to sleep in… but summer time I usually go to the beach with my family to do spearfishing. (I’m just waiting for the catch).

Winter time I cook/experiment and create new menus with my partner.

At kinder I love playing at outside, digging and making tunnels in the sandpit and of course I love tiggy as well.
I also love sharing my culture with Emmanuel friends, such as making sushi, doing Origami/Kirigami with them etc….

I can’t wait to have great experiences with your child this year!!